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Living Colorado

ConAm first entered the Colorado market in 1985 and has been growing steadily ever since. Currently the Colorado Region manages 17 properties (approx. 4,000 units) located throughout the Denver metro area, Fort Collins and Colorado Springs.

With more than 100 on-site associates and 10 regional office staff members managing day-to-day operations within the region, ConAm is able to quickly adapt to any challenge. Our regional office team is comprised of seasoned real estate professionals who have nearly 120 years combined experience in multifamily management. Many of our community associates have been with ConAm for more than five years, a standout statistic in an industry known for high turnover of on-site staff.

Given the tenure of the regional office, our wealth of experience in the local market and extensive infrastructure support, ConAm is able to offer innovative and effective marketing strategies, and provide cost-effective maintenance solutions to ensure that our client's assets will be well attended to and thrive.

Like other regions within ConAm, we take the hiring process very seriously and know that our people are the secret to our success. As such, we focus intently on recruiting and are constantly looking for the best candidates possible. All applicants are thoroughly pre-screened. Drug tests and criminal background checks are performed to help ensure a safe working environment for our associates and a safe community for our residents.

On-going employee education is also a priority at ConAm, and the Colorado Region provides in-depth training programs that enable our associates to stay informed of current industry laws, learn effective leasing techniques and improve their maintenance skill sets.

The Colorado region continues to boast one of the highest resident satisfaction scores as well as one of the highest overall audit scores within ConAm. The Colorado region has been successful over the years by paying close attention to details and leveraging the resources of our skilled, dedicated team of associates. Our goal is always to be one of the best regions within ConAm and by doing so, be one of the best in the industry.